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With today’s consumers being increasingly distracted across a multitude of media choices available to them, brand advertisers need not only reach and frequency, but they need a measure of attention. A new way for internet brand advertising to find an audience at scale, that is also paying attention, is needed.  technology finds brand receptive and attentive people in multi-screen digital video. You need to go beyond reach—you need to understand the audience, understand who they are, not just what they do. Getting that kind of audience understanding requires a new approach to both the data we collect and the science we apply to better understand data.

Just like the human brain functions, learn patterns, learns what things look like and simplifies what set of attributes are necessary to successfully and reliably make decisions about things around us. These ‘pattern matchers’ are what we call classifiers. Just like the brain can learn and process facial expressions across people to understand emotions and reactions,  data sciences looks for the digital expressions that help define and better understand the people that comprise each audience segment.  data sciences technology uses these pattern-matching concepts to run numerous classifiers to discover and populate brand-receptive audience segments. For an audience segment to drive the best brand results, the data must be kept up to date while processing both survey and observed data in real time. Observed data only tells us what someone does, but survey data tells us who they are. The best branding works when the target is receptive to the campaign message, which is best determined by collecting first-party demographic and psychographic interest data directly from them. They also need to be attentive, and our post-campaign brand effectiveness surveying also helps us measure attention. Cookieless first-party-driven receptivity and attentiveness across screens drives the best possible brand results.

The data gathered is then filtered and analyzed to generate targetable audience segments. These audience segments allow us to then more appropriately target and amplify audiences across our multi-screen video advertising network for your integrated video advertising campaigns – and more importantly – discover previously untapped audiences that are receptive to your brand



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