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g a r d e n  d e s i g n

Annie Wright has been a landscape designer in the Los Angeles area for more then 15 years, her work has been featured on HGTV, The LA Times,  Annapurna Living and Annenberg Skylight Studios she has also worked with many top designers in the area (Tracie Butler Design, Bridgid Coulter Design, Sam Marshall Project).

“Garden Design for me has always been about connecting my clients to the outside.  In this urban environment we can continue to nurture nature and educate ourselves to co-habitat with the surrounds by being aware of our impact on the land and water beneath.”



a v a j a n e

“Look deep into nature and then you will understand everything better”.  ~Albert Einstein

i n t e r v i e w s

I enjoy interviewing those with ideas on sustainability for  a v a j a n e  and also I interview media industry insiders for Media 66.  They both encompass my interests for developing new content that is of high integrity


Currently I am working on Carrie-Anne Moss’s lifestyle site Annapurna Living, Utilizing my captured moving imagery and editing I have updated video course content and elevated it for her upcoming launch.

Avajane.com started as a garden and lifestyle site featuring my work in Los Angeles.  It showcased my landscape design work along with Interviews on sustainism.  Recently I have been enjoying interviewing farmers, film makers, journalists and those working around the idea of sustainability.  Now I find myself exploring Life Style Media and editing content for audiences.  Since embarking on this journey my work has been be seen at the Annenberg Space for Photography and currently I am working on course content videos for Carrie-Anne Moss’s sites Annapurna living and the Fierce Grace Collective

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