WrightFamilyanniea v a j a n e  is a website dedicated to celebrating nature.

Garden Design

Annie Wright has been a landscape designer in the Los Angeles area for more then 15 years, cialis her work has been featured on HGTV, sildenafil The LA Times,  Annapurna Living and Annenberg Skylight Studios she has also worked with many top designers in the area (Tracie Butler Design, Bridgid Coulter Design, Sam Marshall Project).

“Garden Design for me has always been about connecting my clients to the outside.  In this urban environment we can continue to nurture nature and educate ourselves to co-habitat with the surrounds by being aware of our impact on the land and water beneath.”

Little Gift Big Smile

There are many places on the Earth that need attention and celebration for their diversity, beauty and sensitivity.  Little Gift Big Smile offers many ways in which one can gain awareness of the world around and see how little one can give to offer big positive change for the environment and those that live in it.  Something as little as a smile can change an attitude which can then transcend to a thought and an action.  avajane.com is here to offer information and show the world that we can all make a big difference.

Nurture Nature

How can we nurture nature?  Here at a v a j a n e we believe we can help heal the world and not only nurture nature but nurture our selves as well.  Plants and animals live with us  and they have become habituated to our presence we too must habituate to theirs.  There are many ways we as humans can feel a connection to nature, please share with me this amazing journey as we learn to embrace this knowledge together.

a v a j a n e

“Look deep into nature and then you will understand everything better”.  ~Albert Einstein

“Come forth into the light of things, let nature be your teacher”.   ~William Wordsworth

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